Free Meditation Classes in Newmarket


These classes are perfect for beginners and seasoned meditation practitioners.

Experience three enjoyable meditation techniques to calm and rejuvenate. Meditation not only helps a person become free of stress and anxiety, it also enables one to understand their spiritual essence and experience real lasting happiness.

Newmarket Public Library (Downtown)
438 Park Ave, Newmarket
Boardroom – 2nd floor

Saturday May 27 : 11am to 12noon
Saturday June 10 : 11am to 12noon
Saturday June 24 : 11am to 12noon

If you'd like to attend you may either contact us or simply show up! For more information please call 416-539-0234. There is plenty of public parking.

As one of our teachers has a compromised immune system we ask that you don't attend if you are sick. Thank you for your consideration.

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All of our classes are free of charge.


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