Free Meditation Courses on the Danforth

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You are welcome to attend any of our free meditation courses on the Danforth. These generally take place every second Saturday right next to the Carrot Common (The Big Carrot Natural Food Market and related stores). The course is perfect for beginners or seasoned meditation practitioners and consists of a few different methods of meditation. The first method involves sound meditation with deep breathing. The second consists of meditation with beads, and the third consists of meditation with music. Over all the practice is simple, deeply relaxing and beneficial on all levels. In accordance with the ancient system of yoga, all of our meditation courses are free.

Location and Schedule

Eastminster United Church
310 Danforth (just west of the Carrot Common)

Saturday September 5: 1pm to 2pm
Saturday September 19: 1pm to 2pm

Enter from the side door on the east side of the building and there will be signs to direct you to the Boardroom where the courses take place. If you are traveling by public transport we are a short walk west of Chester Station or a short walk east of Broadview Station.

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All of our classes are free of charge. If you'd like to attend you may either contact us or simply show up!


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